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The purpose of Emma’s Legacy Foundation is to support Black women with the tools and resources to expand their inner capacity to heal, dream, create, and actualize as their higher selves. Emma’s Legacy Foundation is healing the diaspora by centering the spiritual and intellectual authority of Black women.



As a platform created to center and amplify the authority of black women, we’ve created a pathway for those who have benefited from the physical, emotional, and spiritual labor of black women to invest in spaces that dismantle and decolonize on behalf of black, brown, poor, and marginalized bodies.  We are offering the option to support our platform  through Voluntary Reparations. Unlike donations, this form of support acknowledges the need to repair, atone, and account for centuries of abuse that have resulted in privileges for some and systemic oppression for others. We welcome all allies of black women to join our efforts to amplify our voices through acknowledgment and reparations. Voluntary Reparations support the Black Girl Mixtape initiative.  

You can give a one time donation using the “DONATE” option below. Or you can give on an ongoing monthly basis by choosing a monthly give amount below using the Subscribe option. If there is an amount that you would like to give monthly that is not listed below (of greater or lesser value) please contact us at and we will provide you with a link to set up your monthly giving contribution.


*Contact at any time to change your payment amount or to end your monthly contribution.

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